Children's Adaptive Team Sports - 2018 Kids Triathlon
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3rd Annual Kids Triathlon
Greenbriar Pool Club
July 15, 2018

Our 3rd Annual Kids Triathlon will take place on July 15, 2018. Join us for a morning of exercise, excitement, and accomplishment! Every accommodation necessary will be made for each athlete in order for the to complete the event and earn their medal. 
The triathlon will begin promptly at 9am. Athletes will be divided into "heats" of 5 athletes. The triathlon will take place in swim-bike-run order. The first heat will begin and swim for a total of five minutes. Volunteers will support each athlete to complete the five minutes (walk in shallow end, use kickboard etc.) The next heat will begin when the first heat moves on to the bike portion of the event. 

Each athlete should bring their own bike. Scooters, walkers are also permitted. If you don't have a bike and need one, please email
 July 15, 2018
Greenbriar Pool Club- 13001 Point Pleasant Dr Fairfax, VA 22033
Cost: $30

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